Sabtu, 18 Juni 2016

Welcome Back Tara Winda !

Hai..... i come back....
Hhahahaha after 3 years finally i come back with the brand new me and brand new life and surely with my new status as an "unemployment" LOL !
Oh hahaha i'm just kidding.. please don't think it negatively :D
Okay i tell you.. Yes, I am in the condition that haven't any occupation or certain daily activity such as a student for a 16years back or another. Yes, I am finally graduated after almost 16 years in total , studying on the bench :D
It's been a long way to reach it and finally it feels like...................... woaaahhhhhhh , finally i am graduated as a Bachelor's o Economic.
Maybe next time i'll tell you about my experience when i did those "KITAB KUNING" :p
So, because i'm in the waiting time to wait the hidayah and rezeki for my life that i've applied since 2 months ago, i'll be continue to writing here again...
See you soon on my next post ;)

ps : i'll give you some photos of me now :p

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